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Founded in 2007, LogicAce provides help for high school and college students to solve some Calculus (derivative and integral) and Linear Algebra (linear system, matrix determinant, inverse matrix, engenvalue, eigenvector, matrix column space, matrix null space, matrix diagonalization, etc.) problems. This system mainly focuses on the symbolic processing. It also provides math services for elementary (K-5) students so that parents or teachers can generate and print their customized math worksheets for children's need.

All materials, including document, examples, solutions, and generated HTML/XHTML/XML on the LogicAce web site are copyrighted. They may not be added to any other server without written permission from LogicAce. Users may freely print, copy, or digitally distribute the math problems and solutions for personal or educational use. The use of LogicAce materials for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

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